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Presenting school bags and school supplies to children in the Republic of Togo


December 2019


With school bags, melodica, recorders, school supplies, soccer balls, etc. donated to the Togolese Embassy in Japan, we fully loaded items that we newly collected at elementary and junior high schools in Kisarazu City in to a container and arranged to transport. Lions clubs in Sodegaura, Kisarazu, Kimitsu and Futtsu City supported the transportation costs.

Contrary to expectations, the red school bag was popular with boys in Togo.

There was a voice that having a school bag increases motivation to study.

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Similarly, for Guinea in West Africa, we collect used clothes, tableware, furniture, home appliances, bicycles, school bags, stationery, sports equipment, etc.


Containers are dispatched one by one, so we would appreciate if you can send them to the following address without any deadline:


Please write your address and name on a shipping slip.

The sender needs to pay shipping fee.


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