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Sending three fire engines from Kisarazu city to the Republic of Togo


May 2016-December 2019


Kisarazu City donated three used fire engines.


This project was realized through negotiations with the Embassy of the Republic of Togo in Japan and the Embassy of Japan in Côte d'Ivoire (with jurisdiction over Togo).  On the provision of the vehicles,  we received a fund of “Grassroots Grant Aid” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for water reservoir and hydrant maintenance in the local (Atakpame City) and other expenses as well as maintenance and transportation costs in cooperation with the Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy.


Local cars are all left-hand drive vehicle. Therefore, used cars exported from Japan must be refurbished to the left-hand drive. But our three fire engines are running with the right-hand drive with special permission from the government.


In December 2019, when we visited Atakpame City, we were welcomed.  And at the time when we got on the fire engine and ran through the city, people in the city gathered since they seemed curious about a rare red-colored fire engine ringing the siren.  It was like a festival or parade.

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